Our Company has a wide range, first class sale program in our territory that includes North, South and Mid - Iraq. Our activities in cigarette trading is wellknown at mentioned regions through our sale agencies. We have a perfect sale potential in Iraqi Market for a longtime.

The center of North Iraq is Arbil, South Iraq is Bassra and at the Mid-Iraq is Baghdad. Each region has its own distributors, sub -dealers, whole salers and merchandisers in order to provide the fluency of the sales orderiy. Our sales can reach even to the smallest settlements of the country. All controlled by computer network system.

Our transportation is realised through Mersin Port / North and through Dubai / South where we both have offices and staffs.

Credit System: We take a suitable bank guarantee from the customs. We have also ability to open credit in order to distribute our product exclusively.


Our distribution network is based on three regions with offices of each city which are coordinated by sub - dealers, whole salers and merchandisers.


In addition to our wide range distribution network, we have regular advertisement and promotion system in whole country.

Our advertisements are presented on national and international T.V, Radio Broadcasts and on newspapers, magazines. Moreover, we have different cigarette testing groups to introduce our promotions to the public alive.

We do our advertisements and promotions conciously in order to reach the public directly.


Our warehouses are large enough to stock huge quantity of goods in good

conditions which are located at excellent positions in the center of the country.

The Warehouses belong to us are:

  1. In Turkey, Mersin Free Zone; 2000 m2
  2. In Iraq, Arbil; totally with 3000 m2
  3. In Baghdad l000 m2
  4. In Bassra l000 m2
  5. In Zakho totally 2500 m2

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