The background of the Group is based on late 1940s. It is developed as a system of father to son and enlarged in different fields. The member of Bacgeroglu Family, Mr. Nevzat, Mr. Azat, Mr. Talat and Mr. Sabah Brothers had began to their commercial life with the leadership of their Father Haj Yahya at 1972.

At first they established a Factory of Confection and Embroidery in 1972, then they had added 2 factories more in 1975 and in 1977, the Factory of Plastic and Paper bag was opened in 1980, this factory was enlarged by extracted their lines.

Their facilities continued until 1990 but, because of the Gulf War, the production of the factories started to diminish due to the lack of raw materials, however, the facility did not stop completely. The foodstuff trading was started with different kinds of products mainly tea. After the embargo in Iraq, financial situation became weak, even a bank transfer could not be performed in the country.

Considering all these difficulties, in 1992 the Group came to Turkey which has a border with Iraq, in 1994 the Cihan Int. Trade Company was established in Mersin where the market control can be done in the best way via Mersin Port. The Company is still activating in Mersin Free Zone and continuing its commercial life with general trading and food stuff trading.

In 1994, the Group penetrated its own brand " CIHAN TEA" into the Iraqi market. It is the agency of Akbar Brothers Ltd. which is the most famous tea exporter of Sri Lanka.

These products of Akbar are sold to Turkey, Iraq and U.A.E. The firm is also a distributor of Ahmad Tea - London Ltd. which is known as well as Akbar Brothers in Sri Lanka also in United Kingdom.

In 1996, the Group has made an effort in order to penetrate into the Iraqi Market with new brand automobiles especially Toyota Vehicles. In 1997, the firm was the first private sector which delivered the first group new brand automobiles to North of Iraq and Iraq through Turkey by the support of United Nations and Turkish Government.


The eldest Brother Dr. Nevzat Bacgeroglu. He has a medical degree on Cardiology from Baghdad University in Iraq. He was the member of Medical College until 1994. After leaving his profession as a doctor, he continued his business life with International Trade. He has ability to write and speak in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and English

Mr. Azat Bacgero­lu. He has been the Chairman of Trade Chamber since 1989 in Arbil, which is the most populated city in North of Iraq. Between the years 1989 - 1993 he was the Vice President of Union of Trade Chambers of Iraq. He has worked for the expanding of the business of Cihan Group since 1970. He is also Honorary Consul of Republic of Sri Lanka for one year in Mersin / Turkey. Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and English are as foreign languages.

Mr. Talat Bacgeroglu. He graduated from Irrigation Engineering Department from Baghdad University of Iraq. He is a member of Board of Industry Chamber of Iraq. He has been in Trade Sector since 1978. He has ability both in speaking and writing in English, Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic.

Mr. Sabah Bacgeroglu. He is a Civil Engineer. His business life in Trade Sector has begun in 1983. Currently, he is dealing with the buildings of Toyota Centers in North of Iraq personally in order to accelerate the constructions. He speaks in English, Kurdish, Arabic, and Turkish fluently

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